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she said spank me and i slapped her with the word of the lord

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don’t ever go on a car ride with me because i won’t talk to you i’ll just stare out the window the entire time

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reblog if girls are cute and you are afraid




fuck her right in the



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adam (the goldberg sisters.)los angeles, california.december 2012.


adam (the goldberg sisters.)
los angeles, california.
december 2012.

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adam goldberg’s little laugh at the end of “Shush” is what i live for

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The R-Rated Version of the Tag Game!


Type each of these words into the tag bar and select the first tag that pops up:

  • Fuck
  • Shit
  • Unf
  • Sex
  • Damn
  • Ass
  • Moan
  • Bitch
  #oh man this is gonna be good    #ok here we go    #10 FUCKING HOURS    #shit mane    #uNF    #HE TURNS ASL INTO A SEXY FUCKIN DANCE    #//i could create an entire full length movie and still not be able to write a damn thing about it//    #asshole couples uwu    #'bitch whuchu say'    #and nothing for moan  


Hannibal - 1.07 Sorbet (or as I like to call it ‘The episode where Will falls in love with Hannibal and Hannibal knows it’)

  #this is the episode where will realizes his love for hannibal    #and he knows he's fucked  
FX Fargo, for the fandom thing? ^u^


  • Push off a cliff: Lorne
  • Fuck: Mr Numbers u///u
  • Marry: no one really appeals to me like that, and i’ve never been fond of marriage in general
  • Set on fire: leSTER UGH
  • Wrap a blanket around: Mr. Wrench, poor bby ;u;
  • Be roommates with: Molly

ty anon :3

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